The Oracle


∞ “The Oracle” (pdf) – Franco Berardi, 2018

“Hi Frederic (…). I just spent two weeks in Greece, with a group of students of the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam. During the trip, we went to Delphi, visiting the temple of Apollon and of Athena, and the holy sites of the Pizia. At the Academy of Delphi, I gave a lecture about the meaning of prophetising, the relation between prophecy and poetry (…). Then we organized a sort of performance in the very site of the oracle, within the temple of Apollon. I send you two texts: the first is the poem that I read in the site of the oracle, the second the lecture that I gave the day before the performance in the locals of the Academy of Delphi.”

April 16, 2018

Franco Berardi is a writer. He has been travelling and lecturing worldwide, now he is retired somewhere in the Mediterranean and writes poems. Among his publications: And: Phenomenology of the end (Semiotext(e), 2015).

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