Icare Noir (l’attachement)

--- --- ∞ "Icare Noir (l'Attachement)" - Lionel Marchetti, 2022 ••• Lionel Marchetti composed this musical work to accompany Frédéric Neyrat’s Cosmos Expérimental (Abrüpt, 2022). Consisting of fragments, aphorisms, stories, and metaphysical investigations, Cosmos Expérimental proposes a journey in space-time where enigmatic characters exchange views on astrophysics, technology, music, angels, communism, death and eternity. Cosmos … Continue reading Icare Noir (l’attachement)

The Lunar System Sound Collage

-- https://alienocene.files.wordpress.com/2021/10/hanna-david-alienocene-new.wav --- ∞ "The Lunar System Sound Collage" – Hanna Mattes & David Rothenberg (2021) The Lunar System Sound Collage is a sound and poetry collaboration between musician and philosopher David Rothenberg and myself, visual and performance artist Hanna Mattes. After having worked on several sound pieces remotely for a year – him in … Continue reading The Lunar System Sound Collage