Icare Noir (l’attachement)

--- --- ∞ "Icare Noir (l'Attachement)" - Lionel Marchetti, 2022 ••• Lionel Marchetti composed this musical work to accompany Frédéric Neyrat’s Cosmos Expérimental (Abrüpt, 2022). Consisting of fragments, aphorisms, stories, and metaphysical investigations, Cosmos Expérimental proposes a journey in space-time where enigmatic characters exchange views on astrophysics, technology, music, angels, communism, death and eternity. Cosmos … Continue reading Icare Noir (l’attachement)

Stanzas of Basajo

-- ∞ "Stanzas of Basajo - Fragments of The New Gnosis" (pdf) - Daria S. Basajo, 2022 Daria S. Basajo bears witness to the invisible communities. The term "Stanzas" refers to the revelations of these communities and to her commentary on these revelations. She is the auctor of the Stanzas; she who augments the words. … Continue reading Stanzas of Basajo

The Lunar System Sound Collage

-- https://alienocene.files.wordpress.com/2021/10/hanna-david-alienocene-new.wav --- ∞ "The Lunar System Sound Collage" – Hanna Mattes & David Rothenberg (2021) The Lunar System Sound Collage is a sound and poetry collaboration between musician and philosopher David Rothenberg and myself, visual and performance artist Hanna Mattes. After having worked on several sound pieces remotely for a year – him in … Continue reading The Lunar System Sound Collage