So long Michael

-- ∞ "So Long Michael" - Elizabeth Perceval and Nicolas Klotz, 2022 The more time sculpts the face of a human, the more the eyes inhabit the caves in which the gaze withdraws and contemplates its exit into death, the more the core of the human is revealed as inhuman—the inhuman that precedes and … Continue reading So long Michael

Plumbing the Abyssal

-- ∞ “Plumbing the Abyssal: On (Vanta)Blackness + Descent” (pdf) - Cecilio M. Cooper (2022) Cecilio M. Cooper is a Faculty Fellow with New York University’s Department of Social & Cultural Analysis after serving as a Forsyth Postdoctoral Research Fellow with University of Michigan’s History of Art Department. Via black critical theory, their current research … Continue reading Plumbing the Abyssal

Sur Toute Exoplanète à l’Afrique Analogue

-- ∞ "Sur Toute Exoplanète à l'Afrique Analogue" (pdf) - Brice Bonfanti Poet, Library Curator in Martigues (France), Brice Bonfanti (born Frigau) has been writing his Chants d’Utopie (Songs of Utopia) since 2001 and reads them in public. His recorded psalmodies are available on his website ( Each nine-song cycle of the Chants d’Utopie has been published by Sens … Continue reading Sur Toute Exoplanète à l’Afrique Analogue

Icare Noir (l’attachement)

--- --- ∞ "Icare Noir (l'Attachement)" - Lionel Marchetti, 2022 ••• Lionel Marchetti composed this musical work to accompany Frédéric Neyrat’s Cosmos Expérimental (Abrüpt, 2022). Consisting of fragments, aphorisms, stories, and metaphysical investigations, Cosmos Expérimental proposes a journey in space-time where enigmatic characters exchange views on astrophysics, technology, music, angels, communism, death and eternity. Cosmos … Continue reading Icare Noir (l’attachement)