--- ∞ "Immersive Afterlives: Streaming Spectres H2.O in Hong Kong’s Online “Seameteries”" (pdf) - Marie Lecuyer, 2022 Abstract:This article is part ethnographic, part fiction, and seeks to sound out the under-water-digital-commons of resting places for the dead in Hong Kong. It traces the emergence of “seameteries” occurring within the archipelago’s saturated urban space, which involves … Continue reading Immersive Afterlives & SONOROUS ARCHIPELAGHOST

How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee

-- ∞ "How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee" (pdf) - Peter Szendy, 2022 Peter Szendy is David Herlihy Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature at Brown University and musicological advisor for the book series published by the Paris Philharmony. His work has focused on the archaeology of listening (Listen: A History of … Continue reading How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee

The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation

-- ∞ "The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation" (pdf) - Amanda Boetzkes, 2022 Amanda Boetzkes is a theorist and historian of contemporary art. She is the author of Plastic Capitalism: Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste (MIT Press, 2019), The Ethics of Earth Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), and a forthcoming book titled Ecologicity: Vision and … Continue reading The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation

Another Letter from Utopia Is Possible

-- ∞ “Another Letter from Utopia Is Possible” (pdf) - Joshua Schuster, 2022 Joshua Schuster is an associate professor of English at Western University in Canada. He often dreams about writing a book on how poetics will be necessary for any alien communications, just as poetics is necessary for any communications on Earth.