Stratum 5

-- -- If we imagine ourselves as planetary accidents rather than global agents, planetary creatures rather than global entities, alterity remains underived from us. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, “Imperative to Re-imagine the Planet” --- THEORY/FICTION: Claire Colebrook, "Unthinkable Extinction: Cinematic Time and the Panorama of History" Susanna Lindberg, "Unthinking the Underworld" Christian Keeve, "Cosmic Assemblages and … Continue reading Stratum 5

Unthinkable Extinction

∞ "Unthinkable Extinction: Cinematic Time and the Panorama of History" (pdf) - Claire Colebrook, 2019 Claire Colebrook is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English, Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies at Penn State University. She has written books and articles on contemporary European philosophy, literary history, gender studies, queer theory, visual culture and feminist philosophy.  … Continue reading Unthinkable Extinction

Unthinking the Underworld

--- ∞ "Unthinking the Underworld: Nature, Death, and the Elemental" (pdf) - Susanna Lindberg, 2019 Susanna Lindberg is a philosopher. After earning a PhD at the University of Strasbourg, she has worked as lecturer and professor at the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, and as associate researcher at the Université Paris Nanterre. Currently she is a … Continue reading Unthinking the Underworld

Cosmic Assemblages and Radical Descents

--- ∞ "Cosmic Assemblages and Radical Descents: Entering the [M] Archive" (pdf) - Christian Keeve (2019) Christian Keeve is a graduate student in Geography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He's also a fairly compelling human person. Currently, he's into the political ecologies of seeds, legacies of African-American seedkeeping, critical environmental formations, queer geographies, and … Continue reading Cosmic Assemblages and Radical Descents

Cosmic Graffiti

--- ∞ "Cosmic Graffiti on Planck’s Façade" (pdf) - Frédéric Neyrat, 2019 Translation: Ciarán Coyle. First published as "Graffitis cosmiques sur un mur de planque " in La Besogne des images , 2019 (see Fabien Ribery's recension: "La besogne commence à peine"). Frédéric Neyrat is a philosopher, professor at UW-Madison, editor of Alienocene. Ciarán Coyle is a … Continue reading Cosmic Graffiti

The Avatar Projection Protocol

∞ "The Avatar Projection Protocol" (pdf) - Drew S. Burk, 2019 Drew S. Burk is a writer, editor, and translator of contemporary French thought. He was a founding member of Univocal Publishing, and is currently a consulting editor with University of Minnesota Press for the continuation of Univocal as a Series, "The Avatar … Continue reading The Avatar Projection Protocol

Stratum 4

-- -- Sometimes a sound represents a whole era / Sometimes a sound represents a whole people. Nicole Mitchell, "A Sound" --- THEORY/FICTION: Phillip John Usher, "On the Exterranean" Esther Leslie, "Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age: Walter Benjamin in the Presence of Radioactivity" Jessica Lehman, "Beneath the Paving Stones, the Wake" Aaryn Smith, "Mapping the … Continue reading Stratum 4

Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age

--- ∞ "Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age: Walter Benjamin in the Presence of Radioactivity" (pdf) - Esther Leslie, 2019 Esther Leslie is Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck, University of London. Her books include various studies and translations of Walter Benjamin, as well as Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant Garde (Verso, 2002); Synthetic Worlds: Nature, … Continue reading Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age

Beneath the paving stones, the wake

--- ∞ "Beneath the Paving Stones, the Wake" (pdf) - Jessica Lehman, 2019 Jessica Lehman is Assistant Professor of Geography at Durham University, specialising in environmental politics, science and technology studies, and marine geographies. Her current research examines how the concepts and practices of marine cultural heritage are used to create historical narratives and to … Continue reading Beneath the paving stones, the wake