Finite Tech, Unknowable Nature

∞ “Finite Tech, Unknowable Nature: Toward an Ecological Grammar” (pdf) – James Fontini, 2022

Abstract: The article sketches a view of nature as a movement undermining totality. Awareness of our entanglement in an inherently incomplete movement forces us to rethink or reinvent our relationship to nature. The view provided here has been developed by drawing heavily from the later work of Martin Heidegger, moving with and beyond it in an examination of the limitations of Western philosophy in approaching questions of nature and ecology. Thinking ecologically becomes a question of grammar and the binding (and unbinding) force of language as it pertains to human thought and (or in) its physical environment.

James Fontini is a thinker of problems place-based and ecological, and a pseudonymous poet. Long adrift in the hallways of the UdK-Berlin, he is presently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Kennesaw State University in North Georgia. Brill/Fink has recently published his Nature as Limit: Prolegomena to Ecological Thinking in Heidegger.