Stratum 4

-- -- Sometimes a sound represents a whole era / Sometimes a sound represents a whole people. Nicole Mitchell, "A Sound" --- THEORY/FICTION: Phillip John Usher, "On the Exterranean" Esther Leslie, "Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age: Walter Benjamin in the Presence of Radioactivity" Jessica Lehman, "Beneath the Paving Stones, the Wake" Aaryn Smith, "Mapping the … Continue reading Stratum 4

If Whenever

--- "If Whenever (Alienocene Version)" - Franck C. Yeznikian, 2019 Franck Christoph Yeznikian was born on 22 May 1969 in Besançon (France). After beginning in post-punk music as a drummer, he explored other musical universes, especially acousmatic music, which he studied with Denis Dufour and Jean-Marc Duchenne at the conservatory of music in Lyon. Shortly thereafter he had the … Continue reading If Whenever


--- --- We did not seek the formula for overturning the world in books, but in wandering. Ceaselessly drifting for days on end, none resembling the one before.  Guy Debord, In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni --- THEORY/FICTION: Alexis Pauline Gumbs, “Two Perspectives on Colonial Time” Augustin Berque, “Can We Overcome Modernity’s Acosmia?” Sarah Ann Wells, … Continue reading STRATUM 3

Three Poems from The Disappearance of Fate

--- ∞ "Three poems from The Disappearance of Fate" (pdf) - Joseph Donahue (2018) Joseph Donahue's most recent book of poems is Wind Maps I-VII, forthcoming from Talisman House. Other recent titles include Dark Church (Verge Books) and Red Square on a Black Field (Black Square Editions). In 2019 Verge with bring out Musica Callada, the … Continue reading Three Poems from The Disappearance of Fate

Ascent in Free Fall

--- ∞ "Ascent in Free Fall - Reflections on "Nostalgia for the Light"" (pdf) - Frédéric Neyrat, 2018 Translation: Lia Swope Mitchell Frederic Neyrat is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Mellon-Morgridge Professor of Planetary Humanities at UW-Madison (USA). He is editor of Alienocene and a member of the editorial board of the journals Lignes and Multitudes. He recently published Echapper à l’Horreur: … Continue reading Ascent in Free Fall