What Exists as the Energy that Continues to Persist as Van Gogh?

--- ∞ “What Exists as the Energy that Continues to Persist as Van Gogh?" (pdf) - Will Alexander, 2020 Poet, novelist, aphorist, essayist, playwright, visual artist, and pianist,Will Alexander has written over 30 books. Recipient of the PEN Oakland for his novel Sunrise In Armageddon, and of the American Book Award for his essays Singing In Magnetic Hoofbeat, … Continue reading What Exists as the Energy that Continues to Persist as Van Gogh?

Discal Turndown

--- ∞ "Discal Turndown" - Luke Leavitt, 2020 Luke Leavitt is a sound geographer and musician currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Discal Turndown" comes from a selection of compositions titled Bildungsroman for Cricket, a journey through a speculative biosemiotics of sound inspired by crickets, butterflies, mosquitos and other arthropods. You can listen … Continue reading Discal Turndown

The Physicality of Thinking

https://alienocene.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/the-physicality-of-thinking-trailer-1.mp4 ∞ "The Physicality of Thinking" - Sandra Binion (2020) Synopsis: The Physicality of Thinking documents a two-week tour in February 2019 throughout France by the French/American improvised music quartet Antichamber Music: Claudia Solal (voice), Benoît Delbecq (piano and prepared piano), Katherine Young (bassoon and electronics), and Lou Mallozzi (turntables and CDs). The Physicality of … Continue reading The Physicality of Thinking

Stratum 7

    "I can't breathe."_________________  THEORY/FICTION: Priscilla Wald, “Viral Life in the Alienocene” Bruce Clarke, “Lynn Margulis, Autopoietic Gaia, and the Novacene” Katarzyna Olga Beilin, “Headfirst (A Day in the Alienocene)” Christopher Cañete Rodriguez Kelly, “Cathectoplasm (A Filipino Theory Fiction)” François-David Sebbah, “Alien-Effect: Encounters of an Other Kind Entirely” DIS-JUNCTION: Alain Badiou, “Pandemic, Ignorance, and … Continue reading Stratum 7

Mirage as Errata

∞ "Mirage as Errata" - Will Alexander, recorded on May, 2020. First publication: The Brooklyn Rail, April 2020. Translation in French on La Vie Manifeste: "Mirage comme Errata." Will Alexander, poet, novelist, essayist, aphorist, playwright, visual artist, and pianist, has written nearly 40 books in the above-mentioned genres, with forthcoming amounts along the way. He … Continue reading Mirage as Errata


--- --- ∞ FEAN, "Deventer" (2019) FEAN started as a musical artist-in-residence project in a little church in the Frysian village Katlyk. The group consists of Jan Kleefstra, Romke Kleefstra, Mariska Baars and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), who also form the quartet Piiptsjilling. For FEAN they are accompanied by Belgian guests Annelies Monseré, Sylvain Chauveau and Joachim … Continue reading Deventer

Stratum 6

--      Our task is not to draw a sharp mental line between past and future but to complete the thought of the past. - Marx to Ruge, September 1843 THEORY/FICTION: Steven Shaviro, "Defining Speculation: Speculative Fiction, Speculative Philosophy, and Speculative Finance" Jennifer Wenzel, "Evicted from the Future" Jan Miernowski, Yves Citton, Ullrich Langer, … Continue reading Stratum 6