Stratum 6

--      Our task is not to draw a sharp mental line between past and future but to complete the thought of the past. - Marx to Ruge, September 1843 THEORY/FICTION: Steven Shaviro, "Defining Speculation: Speculative Fiction, Speculative Philosophy, and Speculative Finance" Jennifer Wenzel, "Evicted from the Future" Jan Miernowski, Yves Citton, Ullrich Langer, … Continue reading Stratum 6

The Cosmopolitical Gesture

+++ "The Cosmopolitical Gesture: Adab, The Demanding Memory " Ed Keller [2017-19]: video remixes, with soundscapes improvised live on solo electric guitar --- For ALIENOCENE, we present three film/sound excerpts: --- Intro: Timewar: Outro: --- Two complete audio recordings of Adab, The Demanding Memory - one a live performance, and one a rehearsal recording - can … Continue reading The Cosmopolitical Gesture

Stratum 5

-- -- If we imagine ourselves as planetary accidents rather than global agents, planetary creatures rather than global entities, alterity remains underived from us. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, “Imperative to Re-imagine the Planet” --- THEORY/FICTION: Claire Colebrook, "Unthinkable Extinction: Cinematic Time and the Panorama of History" Susanna Lindberg, "Unthinking the Underworld" Christian Keeve, "Cosmic Assemblages and … Continue reading Stratum 5


---  "From The Combustion Cycle" (pdf) - Will Alexander (19XX-20XX) --- This excerpt is from the first poem of The Combustion Cycle. It contains 3 poems the first of which is "Concerning The Henbane Bird" uttered by the voice of a Peruvian Hillstar (the 2nd largest Hummingbird on Earth), the 2nd poem of the trilogy … Continue reading Combustion

The Choir of Darkwater

∞ "The Choir of Darkwater" - Cat Hope, 2019. Performed by Decibel new music ensemble, with the Low Tone Orchestra. Cat Hope is an Australian composer, musician, sound artist and researcher. Cat’s composition and performance practices engage elements of low frequency sound, drone, noise, graphic notation and improvisation and her works have been performed at … Continue reading The Choir of Darkwater

New Recording 7

--- Anna Vitale, "New Recording 7" (2019) Anna Vitale is the author of Our Rimbaud Mask and Detroit Detroit. Recent writing has appeared in Ear | Wave | Event and Counter. You can find a conversation between Anna and Judah Rubin at A Perfect Vacuum. She lives in Tivoli, NY.