“Photographs of notebooks, manuscripts … My first notebook, a small one, with a black leather cover, was offered to me by my friend photographer Bruno Roche in 1988. I then opted for the registry type of notebook, large size (21/29,7cm, between 100 and 200 pages), and I started, little by little, a journal that lasted a little over a decade (1990/2002). Then the notebook gradually became a daily, morning, kind of workshop: poems, copies of poems and other quote, a notebook of dreams, drawings, glued photographs or postcards, musical scores in progress for my compositions of musique concrète, preliminary drafts, thoughts on music and other reflections, etc.

However, all these notebooks are already a second generation of handwritten pieces because, in general, I first write on paper or on white pages – in the margins – of books that I carry with me.

The texts were without exception written / copied outside, in bars, trains, hotels, airplanes, in this or that venue.

A path …

In February 2019, the notebook is numbered C 45.

The double pages of the notebooks presented here are taken from recent notebooks.”

Lionel Marchetti, February 2019


Lionel Marchetti is an electroacoustic experimental composer born in Marseille (France) in 1967. More information here: “Laments” (Alienocene, Stratum 1).


C 43, pp. 82, 83: Planktos – Musical score in progress related to the composition Planktos

“Primitive cells loot gases and metals …” (Régis Poulet)


C 41, pp. 80, 81: Le silence (caffe Costadoro) – From this few things, juxtaposed, a force of evidence is born


C 41, pp. 74, 75: Trèfle et Araignée – Is the rock still or does it spin in the air at the speed of light?


C 40, pp. 64, 64: Futur, Passé – The future is an immobile figure, which does not exist


C 43, pp. 54, 55: Façons, incandescences – Vertical of the gaze; a ball of meaning and soon, who knows, the wind between words


C 39, pp. 53, 53: Ombre blanche – Words are transparent, words have no weight


C 44, pp. 32, 33: Jeu du monde, nuit du sujet – “No death is more brilliant than that which generates life; no life is more noble than that which springs from death” (Angelus Silesius)


C 38, pp. 44, 45: Le lac – “It’s my inner lake – in the shadow, a black tiger rodes” (Kaneko Tôta)


C 41, pp. 24, 25: 28 mai 2011 – Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 ; text and electricity


C 37, pp. 4, 5: Rosace de mes 7 écoutes – My mechanics


C 42, pp. 64, 65: EntrelacementsLines, more lines, a forest of lines


C 42, pp. 40, 41: Un nuage de poussières (part 1) – Musical score in progress related to the composition Un nuage de poussières (part 1)


C 41, pp. 11, 12: Syntaxe – Hollow sentences: paradox of a place left vacant


C 43, pp. 60, 61: Mouvements d’eau – Sea mists; living rampart on the horizon


C 43, pp. 12, 13: Lyon – Torino – Breathing stops at the top of the breath and does not resume – the peak of the experience


C 41, pp. 154, 155: Enfer – Musical score in progress around the collection ATLAS (97 Phenomènes)


C 42, pp. 74, 75: Un appel – Sitting at the edge of the streams, facing the valley of the glaciers


C 41, pp. 66, 67: Tsunami rêvé – Here, it’s a world of stolen shadows


C 42, pp. 84, 85: Danse de l’ombre – Musical score, working notes for the composition Première étude (les ombres) with the Australian ensemble DECIBEL New Music Ensemble


C 41, pp. 22,23: Cercle 4, le dieu venu du noirThe god from the dark


C 40 pp. 64, 65: Biffures – Why speak of light ?


C 41 pp. 62, 63: Partition concrèteStones, landslides, rails; we enter it as a break-in