Nobody Knows What Communism Is

∞ Marguerite Duras, “Nobody Knows What Communism Is” (1969)


“Jacques Chancel: What is communism for you?
Marguerite Duras: It’s the end of what you see around you: now, here, everywhere. I don’t know what it is otherwise.
Jacques Chancel: But do you admit that there are people who think differently than you?
Marguerite Duras: Uh, no, I don’t admit it.
Jacques Chancel: You are dogmatic.
Marguerite Duras: I am of a certain dogmatism, yes. I don’t know what communism is, neither do you, no one knows. The communist experiments so far have failed, haven’t they? Apart from those of China and Cuba.
Jacques Chancel: You think that in Cuba and China, people are happy?
Marguerite Duras: That’s not the point. They will be. They are not yet.
Jacques Chancel: You are like Siné, who says: “We must make the workers happy despite themselves”?
Marguerite Duras: No, I would not say that, no. The worker must be given the means to be happy. We must not give him happiness, he must make it himself, otherwise it has no value.”


See also: Adam Losange, “A Communism of Ghosts” (Alienocene, Stratum 3)