THUS – Imagining Alternative Futures with Cancer

∞ “THUS – Imagining Alternative Futures with Cancer” (pdf) – Stephanie Posthumus, 2019

Stephanie Posthumus resides in Montréal, Québec, works at McGill University, and has written about the animal, environmental, digital worlds.

Her books: French Écocritique: Reading Contemporary French Theory and Fiction EcologicallyToronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.

La nature et l’écologie chez Claude Lévi-Strauss, Michel Serres, Michel Tournier. Étude de modèles structuralistes et écologistes chez trois penseurs françaisSarrebruck: Éditions universitaires européennes, 2010.

With Daniel Finch-Race (eds.): French Ecocriticism: From the Early Modern Period to the Twenty-First CenturyFrankfurt: Peter Lang, 2017.

With Louisa Mackenzie (eds.): French Thinking about Animals. East Lansing: Michigan State UP, 2015.