“From The Combustion Cycle” (pdf) – Will Alexander (19XX-20XX)
This excerpt is from the first poem of The Combustion Cycle. It contains 3 poems the first of which is “Concerning The Henbane Bird” uttered by the voice of a Peruvian Hillstar (the 2nd largest Hummingbird on Earth), the 2nd poem of the trilogy is entitled “On Solar Physiology” uttered by an Angolan Shaman, and the closing poem is entitled “The Ganges” uttered by an untouchable. The book itself extends over 600 pages. I’ve tested its longevity by releasing it in small portions over time. The poem was written some 20 years ago and was composed sans assistance of the Internet. Research was done via brick and mortar facilities including the UCLA research complex. The book awaits a publisher for its belated entry into the world.