A Recollection of the Long Sleep

∞ “A Recollection of the Long Sleep” (pdf) -Drew S. Burk, 2019

Drew S. Burk is a writer, editor, and translator of contemporary French thought.

He was a founding member of Univocal Publishing, http://www.univocalpublishing.com/ and is currently a consulting editor with University of Minnesota Press for the continuation of Univocal as a Series, https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/series/univocal

“A Recollection of the Long Sleep” is the fifth excerpt in a larger work of mystic-fiction Burk will be sharing excerpts from for the readers of Alienocene. First excerpt: X-1. Second excerpt: Bamboo City. Third excerpt: Inner Canal Zones: Cine-District. October 15, 2075. Fourth excerpt: The Avatar Projection Protocol.