o escândalo (all over the world)

∞ “o escândalo (all over the world)” – Antonia Manhartsberger (2019)

This time it‘s a bit dramatic – it is a little bit like.. like.. whats happening all over the world in a way. (Roger Waters) – a disgraça de quem conta primeira mentira é que passa a vida inteira mentindo pra poder justificar a primeira (Lula) – He maintained however he had done nothing illegal – enfim isso nao é nenhum ilicíto (Sergio Moro) – es gab und gibt bei mir keine rechtswidrigen Vorgänge (HC Strache) – metira – the messages have been taken out of context – mit illegalen Mitteln – durch ausgewählte Ausschnitte, die aus dem Gesamtkontext gerissen wurden – contrary to basic rules of journalism – wurde verstoßen gegen die journalistische Sorgfaltspflicht – there is no signs of any anormality – und ja, das ist ein gezieltes politisches Attentat – eles vão ser identificados e vão ser punidos na forma do lei – they in fact are abusing their power for political ends – continuando – all over the world – esse escândalo tomou proporções globais – just coincidences – all over the world – democracía – continuando – all over the world – why would the people allow this asholes to destroy the planet in front of their eyes, very very systematically and obviously – contra o fascismo – estaría todo mundo conosco – democracía! – estaría todo mundo conosco – all over the world – o escândalo gerou protestos de miliares de pessoas – all over the world – democracía!

The crimes of the rich are covered by the law,
And exploitation bows us down;
The rich man flaunts without a duty,
And the poor man’s rights are none. [..]

So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.“ (The Internationale)

Antonia Manhartsberger is a composer of electroacoustic music born 1991 in Tirol (Austria).
She graduated from the Department of Musicology at the University of Vienna in 2014, before pursuing studies in Computer Music at the Institute of Electronic Music of Kunstuni Graz.

untitled-e1570157906663.jpgIn her artistic and scientific work she mainly focuses on the spatialisation of sound and the socio-political potentials of new technologies by experimenting with different media (i.e. VR, Video), and she is interested in collaborative practices in art production. In her performative works she examines social and political questions and their creative mediation.

Her works include art-installations, multimedia-performances, fixed-media pieces, radio- play scoring and live-electronics. She performs electronic music in various constellations, like the Band Frau Sammer and as DJ Auto.