∞ “Give Us Something From The Dynasty of Vision” – Lewis Freedman, 2020

Text, voice: Lewis Freedman

Sounds: Cindy Terrafere

Lewis Freedman is a writer of unsized transgressions. Texts bound and circulating under this name include Am Perhaps Yet (Oxeye), Residual Synonyms for the Name of God (Ugly Duckling), and Hold the Blue Orb, Baby (Well Greased). Another text, I Want Something Other than Time, is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse.

Cindy Terrafere is an independent scholar and poet based in Cairo. Co-founder of the Center for Alien Studies, she works on a collective book entitled: Critique of Geological Reason.


even tho a horn blew by our side,
even tho a secret name beyond me was
so close,
we were only peripheral witnesses, kids
who need to know something more
than the line, more than the infinite
idea in a photo, she is
held like a secret, newborn,
by the lovers as they pose, his
cane rooted into the beach sand,
his hat on his cane.
& b/c we all already know this
& can repeat it
we feel pretty good right now,
we’ll never go back out there again
we tell ourselves
there’s death outside, we rise
to fix ourselves here on the
wings of mirrors.

our first letter will become our
sixth letter so the book shuts itself,
all its mirrors are on the inside,
& it would only be b/c of our friends
that we could enter here at all.
we sing together tho we don’t
seem to know it,
we are composing the pseudo-
last will & testament of a Wes-
tern culture which has only
ever been a passing off
of what’s made other thru
violence as one’s own power,
and which we sing has
destroyed us all.

Lewis Freedman