∞ “Closer” – 51717, 2020

Alienocene thanks 51717 for permission to feature “Closer.”

“Closer” appeared on a L.I.E.S. compilation which was released this past summer:

51717’s minimalist sound design is focused on the transmission and decay of overwhelming thematic elements into minor sonic forms. Her work touches on implicit musical tensions between noise and silence, language and sound, material and transcendence — dichotomies that often form the binaristic conditions that are confronted and deconstructed within meditative and ritualistic practice. Releases on cult underground labels such as Jealous God, Total Black, and L.I.E.S. have served as tangible documentation of a reconciliation and exploration of themes, and unpacking of emotions handed down by an Orthodox Jewish upbringing. Using analog and digital sound technology, this pursuit of the “still, small voice” is a personal, intuitive language.