A day that has everything

∞ “A Day That Has Everything (the Alienocene Cut)”: a performance by Metheor

Director: Ani Vaseva

Theory: Boyan Manchev

Music: Christophe Petchanatz / Klimperei

With Leonid Yovchev, Greta Gicheva, Katrin Metodieva, Monika Vakarelova, Elina Karastoyanova, Budin Karastoyanov and Diana. 

A day that has everything. A day when anything can happen this is how Boyan Manchev describes the perfect day. This could be a very ordinary day. A day when life feels completed without major cataclysms. On such days it is wonderful to be alive.

A Day That Has Everything is a theatrical performance, specially created to be watched not live, but in video format. We decided not to just make a video recording of a performance, as the recordings of performances have more of an archival value. That’s why A Day That Has Everything is designed to take full advantage of video media, instead of suffering from the shortcomings of a live performance that has to be watched on tape. – Ani Vaseva

On a day like that, the contingency of ordinary events has a rhythm with unknown algorithm. On a day like that, the flow of ordinary time touches upon the exquisite delights of reversal, of editing, of cut. On a day like that our images, our bodies – objects, subjects and things – are not what they are because they are precisely what they are. On a day like that the dark side of things is as wonderful as the nebula of dream. On a day like that the return is neither eternal nor vertical. A day like that is perhaps the last. But rather not. – Boyan Manchev

Ani Vaseva (Sofia, 1982) is theatre director and researcher. Co-founder of Metheor. Since 2009 she has directed more than twenty theatre productions. Part of her theatre texts have been published in Meteor. Selected Theatre Texts (with Boyan Manchev) in 2018. In 2017 she published the book What is Contemporary Dance?

Her performances and her work in the visual arts has been presented in TanzQuartier Wien, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Sofia City Gallery, < rotor > Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Graz), Steirische Herbst (Graz), Whitechapel gallery (London), the fridge, among others.