‘…alternately Stone in you, and Star…’

‘​.​.​.​alternately Stone in you, and Star​.​.​.​’

Ed Keller, 2021: https://thermalhowl.bandcamp.com/album/alternately-stone-in-you-and-star

‘The individual is the seat of a continual process of decantation-decantation from the vessel containing fluid of future time, sluggish, pale and monochrome-to the vessel containing the fluid of past time, agitated and multicolored by the phenomena of its hours.’

‘From such impressions you gather yourself, you win yourself back from the clamoring multiplicity, and slowly learn to know a very few things in which the eternal is reflected, which you love and in which your solitude allows you to take part.’
Rilke, letters

BUILDING A BRAIN [‘…working on a building, a holy ghost building.’]
This work attempts a transmutation of forms of affect, cognition, attention. It is an investigation of memory models that can manifest in ‘sound image’ and function as gates/chronovectors.

Sonically, a very simple/simplistic structural maneuver is used: reversals, ‘macro-mirrorings’, then spectrally dived into or timestretched/expanded out-leveraging pure intuition in a gambit to access a trans-conscious delay line memory architecture.

Sound is understood as sentient weather system riding the musician as a vehicle: to realize improvisational ontologies, discover fragments of a universal gesture, peer through mirrors and recursions to hear thinking fugues, buoyed by anabatic flows, threading a path in the thermal howl of memory-chreods silver’d and mercuried.


released April 22, 2021

Ed Keller, solo electric guitar.
Tracks were recorded in single takes on February 17, 2019.

Signal path: Strandberg Boden 7 string > iPad > Audiobus > BiasFX > LoopyHD > speakers. The signal path inside BiasFX is: Noise Gate > Compression > Boost > Splitter > dual Klon > dual amps [Tweed Deluxe and Matchless] > Dark Memory Delay > Ambient Reverb.