I m p r o m p t u: THE ALIEN – Heraclitus’s Cut

∞  “I m p r o m p t u: The Alien – Heraclitus’s Cut” (pdf) – Carlos A. Segovia, 2021

Carlos A. Segovia is an independent British-born Spanish philosopher working on counter-dominant conceptual worlds and post-nihilism. He has been associate professor of philosophy and religious studies at Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus (Spain) from 2013 to 2020, visiting professor at the University of Aarhus in 2018 (Denmark) and the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) in 2020, and guest lecturer at the European Research Council in Ghent (Belgium), the University of Tel Aviv (Israel), the University of Seville and the Spanish National Research Council (Spain), and the University of Lilongwe (Malawi). Among his latest publications: “The Alien – Heraclitus’s Cut,” “Earth and World(s): From Heidegger’s Fourfold to Contemporary Anthropology,” “Paul and the Plea for Contingency in Contemporary Philosophy,” “From Object-Oriented-Ontology Wordlessness to Post-nihilist Worldings,” “On Semio-cannibalism, Its Variants and Their Logics” and two forthcoming volumes: From Worlds of Possibles to Possible Worlds: On Post-nihilism and Dwelling (ed.), and Dionysus and Apollo after Nihilism: Reimagining Today’s Philosophical Board. He currently lives in St. Petersburg (Russia) and writes regularly at http://polymorph.blog. You can read more about him here: https://slu.academia.edu/CarlosSegovia.