Vol Sombre

∞ “Vol Sombre” – Kassel Jaeger, 2021

The term “vol sombre” (dark flight) corresponds to the phase where a meteorite, after having crossed the atmosphere, reaches its terminal speed, slows down, and does not shine any longer. The sound piece evokes this moment of free fall, comparatively slow compared to the cosmic speeds of a meteoroid, this anonymous phase where, after having been a shooting star, the meteorite, or what remains of it, rushes towards the ground in a furtive way, stone thrown between the clouds or in the blue of the sky.

François J. Bonnet is a Franco-Swiss composer, writer and theorist based in Paris. He’s the Director of French Musical Research Institution INA GRM since 2018. He has published several books : The Music To Come (Shelter Press), The Order of Sounds, The Infra-World and After Death (Urbanomic). He also produces radio shows for National Radio France Musique and he’s coeditor of the SPECTRES publication (Shelter Press). His music, often released under the Kassel Jaeger project name, has been presented worldwide.