Post-socialist wars and the masculinist backlash

∞ “Post-Socialist Wars and the Masculinist Backlash” (pdf) – Rada Iveković, 2022

Rada Iveković is a researcher of the Indian pluriverse and of philosophy, and a writer. She works and lives in Paris, but she attended school in Belgrade, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, received her doctorate from the University of Delhi, and her habilitation in Paris. Her research and intellectual interests include comparative and Asian philosophies, political philosophy, feminist theory and philosophies, contemporary European and especially French philosophy, orientalism in western thought, the feminine and the unthinkable in philosophy, postcolonial and decolonial themes, translation and language, the issues of nation and the problem of nationalism, European identity, the state, citizenship, violence and war, border issues, democracy and migration. She considers that gender inequality and other exclusions as well as subordinate inclusions (for example, discrimination based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, colonisation), are politically and historically constitutive of society, and supported by what she calls partage de la raison) that must and can be overcome in their form of division. In the war and post-war events in the Yugoslav countries, she defends the anti-patriarchal, anti-nationalist and anti-racist stance. She was Senior Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore in 2013, and visiting professor at the International Institute for Cultural Studies at Chiao Tung University at Hsinchu (Taiwan) in 2019. Former programme director at the Collège international de philosophie, Paris (2004-2010), she was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. She taught at the Philosophy Department of Zagreb University until 1991, then at universities in France (Paris-7 Jussieu; Paris-8 Saint-Denis; Saint-Etienne), and was visiting professor at other universities in different countries. Her last books are:

Migration, New Nationalisms and Populism. An epistemological perspective on the closure of rich countries, Birkbeck Law Press, Routledge, London 2022.

Politiques de la traduction. Exercices de partage, préface d’É. Balibar

Paris, TERRA-HN, Collection “SHS” 2019. Free Ebook: .

Réfugié-es. Les jetables, Marseille, Al Dante 2016, read pages:à-lire-extrait-réfugié-e-s-jetables-rada-iveković . 

Les Citoyens manquants, Marseille, Al Dante 2015; read: .

L’éloquence tempérée du Bouddha. Souverainetés et dépossession de soi, Paris, Klincksieck 2014.

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