The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation

∞ “The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation” (pdf) – Amanda Boetzkes, 2022

Amanda Boetzkes is a theorist and historian of contemporary art. She is the author of Plastic Capitalism: Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste (MIT Press, 2019), The Ethics of Earth Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), and a forthcoming book titled Ecologicity: Vision and the Planetarity of Art. Edited books include Artworks for Jellyfish (Noxious Sector, 2022), Heidegger and the Work of Art History (Routledge, 2014), and a forthcoming volume on Art’s Realism in the Post-Truth Era (2023). Her research focuses on the relationship between perception and representation, theories of consciousness, and ecology. She has analyzed complex human relationships with the environment through the lens of aesthetics, patterns of human waste, and the global energy economy.  Her current project, At The Moraine, considers modes of visualizing environments with a special focus on Indigenous territories of the circumpolar North. She is Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Guelph.