The Burning wave


Louisa Marajo



Burns of existence (2021)


Bloody red

Red of flames

throughout the orange

The Sea is inflamed

Since the blood

of our ancestors

has flowed in its raging



Does the Earth

have the color of fire?


Bloody red

Red of flames

since its blood flows

with each tree cut


The Earth is enraged,



Live ammunition (2021)

The real
but which real
Not that of Paris
but that of my colony
New or
eternal colony?
Will she imagine another Reality
How could she Emancipate itself
when she is Poisoned
Here in Paris
do we know the fight against the cost of living?
We imagine
its landscape
Instead of living
in its dust,
dust in the ocean
They disintegrated
for we are at War
It’s up to us to recompose
our Imaginations
our Atmosphere
Shooting with real bullets


La vague enflammée (The burning wave)

in-situ installation for the Dakar Biennale, 2022


Here the box

is in the work

The journey is the work

The bomb that resonates

The work


Between the Earth and the Sea


The return

to Africa

Sailing in a box

A transport crate

A crate of colonization

that explodes

and exposes

The journey is the work


Between the Earth and the Sea

Here the Wind

The Air

The root encountered




Violent ashes (2022)


My head is a volcano

And I spend my time smoking

unsuspected ideas


My head is this volcano

that contemplates the damage of its own smoke

Fiery smoke

like this wayward desire


My head is this volcano

that burns

and bursts your prejudices


My desire is drifting away
and I can’t fulfill
this toxic dream
My desire goes far, far away
out of control
from this wetland
Possible dream
Alternative zone
Controlling the inaccessible
outside the limits
My desire goes far away
And I can’t realize
this translucent dream
So enjoyable
Everything is closed
Salty and sweet
Stuck in reality.


Landscape, graphite on paper, 190x133cm’2020


I have a match as a bookmark

to stop the fire of words

then start it again

Rekindling of an old flame

I have a match as a bookmark

to listen to the marks of the wind



the weight of the words

Swirling the meaning of fire

I have a match as a bookmark

to trace the madness of

the burning dream

stopping before the escape

to ignite

the impulse of what comes next


Hands of dust, 2022


Oil barrel

It is not in this Gold

that I carry

the weight of my existence

but in a barrel of Catastrophes

Oil spill tide

Flowing into the Sea

Smoke of my ancestors

It is in exile

that I build myself.


Totem debout (Standing totem), 130x137x7cm, mixed media on canvas print, 2022


I gardened the sea

with my atmospheric flowers

Standing totems

between sky and earth

I have gardened the sea

igniting our syncretic


Chaos unbolt

My flowers have grown

and metamorphosed

the limits


Translation: Frédéric Neyrat (revised by Monique Allewaert)

Louisa Marajo (1987, Martinique) is a multidisciplinary artist. With drawings, photographs, sculptures, and poems, she invents chaotic installations telling her own diasporic story. Visually and physically decompartmentalized, her work—like a construction site after a hurricane—is made of multiple layers analyzing the state of a world in perpetual change. Since 2018, she pays attention to the ecological disaster represented by the proliferation of sargassum in the Caribbean Sea, relating it to the current migratory chaos, one of the consequences of the Capitalocene. How to welcome and create with the remains of human entropic activity? How to live with, and in, the chaos that is outside and inside us?
She has participated in several group exhibitions, including the Perez Art Museum in Miami and the Biennale de Dakar 2022. She is one of the artists selected for the Rencontres Photographiques de Bamako 2022. Her work is notably present in the collections of the CNAP (National Center for Plastic Arts) and the MACMA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Martinique).