“We Do Go to Visit the Moon and Moon People All the Time” (Inuit peoples in Alaska)

--- "An anthropologist working with Inuit peoples in Alaska told them of the first moon shot, and of astronauts walking on the moon. The Inuits began laughing, and when the anthropologist inquired why, they replied: "We didn't know this was the first time you white people had been to the moon. Our shamans have been … Continue reading “We Do Go to Visit the Moon and Moon People All the Time” (Inuit peoples in Alaska)

Sterne – Stars – Étoiles (Walter Benjamin)

--- Das Ornament ist eine Vorlage für das mimetische Vermögen. Diese Abstraktion ist die hohe Schule der Einfühlung Bestehen Zusammenhänge zwischen den Erfahrungen der Aura und denen der Astrologie. Gibt es irdische Lebewesen sowohl wie Sachen, die aus den Sternen zurückblicken? die eigentlich erst am Himmel ihren Blick aufschlagen? Sind die Gestirne mit ihrem Blick … Continue reading Sterne – Stars – Étoiles (Walter Benjamin)

Stratum 7

    "I can't breathe."_________________  THEORY/FICTION: Priscilla Wald, “Viral Life in the Alienocene” Bruce Clarke, “Lynn Margulis, Autopoietic Gaia, and the Novacene” Katarzyna Olga Beilin, “Headfirst (A Day in the Alienocene)” Christopher Cañete Rodriguez Kelly, “Cathectoplasm (A Filipino Theory Fiction)” François-David Sebbah, “Alien-Effect: Encounters of an Other Kind Entirely” DIS-JUNCTION: Alain Badiou, “Pandemic, Ignorance, and … Continue reading Stratum 7

Stratum 6

--      Our task is not to draw a sharp mental line between past and future but to complete the thought of the past. - Marx to Ruge, September 1843 THEORY/FICTION: Steven Shaviro, "Defining Speculation: Speculative Fiction, Speculative Philosophy, and Speculative Finance" Jennifer Wenzel, "Evicted from the Future" Jan Miernowski, Yves Citton, Ullrich Langer, … Continue reading Stratum 6

Stratum 5

-- -- If we imagine ourselves as planetary accidents rather than global agents, planetary creatures rather than global entities, alterity remains underived from us. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, “Imperative to Re-imagine the Planet” --- THEORY/FICTION: Claire Colebrook, "Unthinkable Extinction: Cinematic Time and the Panorama of History" Susanna Lindberg, "Unthinking the Underworld" Christian Keeve, "Cosmic Assemblages and … Continue reading Stratum 5

Marx—das Unheimliche

--- "Marx has not yet been received. The subtitle of this address could thus have been: “Marx—das Unheimliche.” Marx remains an immigrant chez nous, a glorious, sacred, accursed but still a clandestine immigrant as he was all his life. He belongs to a time of disjunction, to that “time out of joint” in which is inaugurated, … Continue reading Marx—das Unheimliche

Stratum 4

-- -- Sometimes a sound represents a whole era / Sometimes a sound represents a whole people. Nicole Mitchell, "A Sound" --- THEORY/FICTION: Phillip John Usher, "On the Exterranean" Esther Leslie, "Messianic Rays in the Atomic Age: Walter Benjamin in the Presence of Radioactivity" Jessica Lehman, "Beneath the Paving Stones, the Wake" Aaryn Smith, "Mapping the … Continue reading Stratum 4