The Revolutionary Disaster / The Disaster of Revolution

--- ∞ "The Revolutionary Disaster / The Disaster of Revolution" (pdf) - Andrew Culp, 2019 Andrew Culp teaches media theory in the MA program in Aesthetics and Politics in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of Technology. His current writing is on the slogan “Another End of the World is Possible,” and he … Continue reading The Revolutionary Disaster / The Disaster of Revolution

Jumping Claims

--- ∞ "Jumping Claims" (pdf) - Dan S. Wang, 2019 Dan S. Wang/王念華 is an artist and writer whose work addresses a range of social movement concerns. Turning politically engaged as a teenager, his activist history includes experience across a variety of grassroots causes, including clinic escorting and antiwar agitation. His writings have been published internationally, … Continue reading Jumping Claims


--- --- We did not seek the formula for overturning the world in books, but in wandering. Ceaselessly drifting for days on end, none resembling the one before.  Guy Debord, In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni --- THEORY/FICTION: Alexis Pauline Gumbs, “Two Perspectives on Colonial Time” Augustin Berque, “Can We Overcome Modernity’s Acosmia?” Sarah Ann Wells, … Continue reading STRATUM 3

Breathing Exercise

--- ∞ Bonadventure Pencroff, "Breathing Exercise" (2018) --- --- --- Musicians: Alexandre Pierrepont (voice) Christophe Rocher (clarinet) Rob Mazurek (piccolo trumpet) Jeb Bishop (trombone) Frédéric Briet (bass) Nicolas Pointard (drums) Jeff Albert (trombone) --- Recorded in New Orleans, LA. on 27 April 2018 by Fionn Hunter-Green. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Albert.

The Body of the Poor

--- "The Body of the Poor" (pdf) - Giuseppe Cocco and Bruno Cava (2018) This text is part of the conclusions of New Neoliberalism and the Other. Biopower, Anthropophagy, and Living Money (Lexington, 2018). Giuseppe Cocco is professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology. He published MundoBraz: … Continue reading The Body of the Poor


--- --- What sacred games shall we have to invent?     - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science   THEORY/FICTION: Dan Mellamphy, "A lienOcene" Michel Cassé, "Dreaming in the Large Magellanic Cloud" Barbara Glowczewski, "Infra-Terrestrial Journey with the Aboriginal Spirits of the Earth" Augustin Berque, “Recosmicizing the Earth” Boyan Manchev, "Clouds. Onto-Meteorology and the Philosophical Fantastic" Drew … Continue reading STRATUM 2