-- ∞ "Counter-Spells" - Cindy Terrafere, 2021 Cindy Terrafere is an independent scholar and poet based in San Francisco. Co-founder of the Center for Alien Studies, she is working on a collective book: Critique of Astronomical Reason.

Stratum 9

--- "Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears." - Pauline Oliveros --- THEORY/FICTION: Benjamin Klug, "Kin of the Cosmos"Doron Darnov, "Review of Navigating the Planetary (H. Amanshauser and K. Bradley, eds.)"Kaitlin Moore, "A blank canvas, a painter's brush: Geoengineering and the Eschaton in Supergiant Games’s Transistor … Continue reading Stratum 9

Theses to Ravachol: suspended time, exception and spectacle

--- ∞ "Theses to Ravachol: Suspended Time, Exception and Spectacle" (pdf) - Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos (2021) Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos is PhD on Law and Justice at the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil) and PhD on Philosophy at Coimbra University (Portugal). Tenured Professor … Continue reading Theses to Ravachol: suspended time, exception and spectacle

Stratum 8

--- "...and we might sense the unknown and the route that tempts the traveler to test gravity" - Mahmoud Darwish _________________  THEORY/FICTION: Dipesh Chakrabarty, “The Planet Does Not Return Our Gaze” Mojca Penca, “Planetary Entanglements and Entrapments (Review of Lukáš Likavčan’s Introduction to Comparative Planetology)" Derek Woods, “The Fungal Kingdom" Sean Singh Matharoo, “The Damned … Continue reading Stratum 8


--- ∞ "Anti-Camp: A Situationist Contribution to Philosophy" (pdf) - Joyce Karine de Sá Souza, 2020 PhD on Law and Justice at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Senior Researcher of the Research Group: ‘The state of exception in Brazil: a critical reading of the emergency argument in the political-juridical national context’. Her research focuses … Continue reading Anti-Camp

Y ¿ a dónde se fue la lluvia?

"Y ¿ a dónde se fue la lluvia?" - C.A.C. (Coordinator of Cultural Action, Valparaíso), 2020 Cinematography and editing: Daniel Aspillaga Music: Daniel Aspillaga and Arnoldo Chaparro Website: As the CAC describes themselves in their “Declaration of Principles,” “We are a space of action based on reflection that gathers the demands of the sector … Continue reading Y ¿ a dónde se fue la lluvia?

Stratum 7

    "I can't breathe."_________________  THEORY/FICTION: Priscilla Wald, “Viral Life in the Alienocene” Bruce Clarke, “Lynn Margulis, Autopoietic Gaia, and the Novacene” Katarzyna Olga Beilin, “Headfirst (A Day in the Alienocene)” Christopher Cañete Rodriguez Kelly, “Cathectoplasm (A Filipino Theory Fiction)” François-David Sebbah, “Alien-Effect: Encounters of an Other Kind Entirely” DIS-JUNCTION: Alain Badiou, “Pandemic, Ignorance, and … Continue reading Stratum 7