Icare Noir (l’attachement)

--- --- ∞ "Icare Noir (l'Attachement)" - Lionel Marchetti, 2022 ••• Lionel Marchetti composed this musical work to accompany Frédéric Neyrat’s Cosmos Expérimental (Abrüpt, 2022). Consisting of fragments, aphorisms, stories, and metaphysical investigations, Cosmos Expérimental proposes a journey in space-time where enigmatic characters exchange views on astrophysics, technology, music, angels, communism, death and eternity. Cosmos … Continue reading Icare Noir (l’attachement)

Stanzas of Basajo

-- ∞ "Stanzas of Basajo - Fragments of The New Gnosis" (pdf) - Daria S. Basajo, 2022 Daria S. Basajo bears witness to the invisible communities. The term "Stanzas" refers to the revelations of these communities and to her commentary on these revelations. She is the auctor of the Stanzas; she who augments the words. … Continue reading Stanzas of Basajo

The Afterlives of Non-Alignment

--- "The Afterlives of Non-Alignment - Paul Stubbs in conversation with Srećko Pulig" (2022) Paul Stubbs is a sociologist based in Zagreb, Croatia. His edited book Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: social, cultural, political and economic imaginaries will be published later in 2022 by McGill-Queen’s University Press. SP: In today's world, and particularly in … Continue reading The Afterlives of Non-Alignment

Post-socialist wars and the masculinist backlash

-- ∞ "Post-Socialist Wars and the Masculinist Backlash" (pdf) - Rada Iveković, 2022 Rada Iveković is a researcher of the Indian pluriverse and of philosophy, and a writer. She works and lives in Paris, but she attended school in Belgrade, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, received her doctorate from the University of Delhi, … Continue reading Post-socialist wars and the masculinist backlash

The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation

-- ∞ "The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation" (pdf) - Amanda Boetzkes, 2022 Amanda Boetzkes is a theorist and historian of contemporary art. She is the author of Plastic Capitalism: Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste (MIT Press, 2019), The Ethics of Earth Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), and a forthcoming book titled Ecologicity: Vision and … Continue reading The Cure for Assimilation: Ethics as De-sublimation