Stratum 9

--- "Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears." - Pauline Oliveros --- THEORY/FICTION: Benjamin Klug, "Kin of the Cosmos"Doron Darnov, "Review of Navigating the Planetary (H. Amanshauser and K. Bradley, eds.)"Kaitlin Moore, "A blank canvas, a painter's brush: Geoengineering and the Eschaton in Supergiant Games’s Transistor … Continue reading Stratum 9

“… they experience a delightful feeling of exhilaration”

--- “There are some minds which can go on contemplating with satisfaction pure quantities presented to the eye by symbols, and to the mind in a form which none but mathematicians can conceive. There are others who feel more enjoyment in following geometrical forms, which they draw on paper, or build up in the empty … Continue reading “… they experience a delightful feeling of exhilaration”

Deep Blue

--- Deep Blue A film by Sebastian Wiedemann Springs and Apneas between Worlds to resist and re-exist the Pandemic. * There is a tradition of cinema that was born with Jean Painleve and asks to continue by other means. Immersing yourself in order to perceive. To make the invisible visible. Faced with the pregnant image … Continue reading Deep Blue

From Magnetic Adventures

--- ∞ "From Magnetic Adventures" (pdf) - Joseph Donahue, 2021 Joseph Donahue's most recent volumes of poetry are Wind Maps I-VII (Talisman 2018), and The Disappearance of Fate, (Spuyten Duyvil, 2019). He is the co-translator of First Mountain, by Zhang Er. With Edward Foster he edited The World in Time and Space:Towards a History of Innovative American Poetry, 1970-2000 (Talisman, … Continue reading From Magnetic Adventures

‘…alternately Stone in you, and Star…’

--- '​.​.​.​alternately Stone in you, and Star​.​.​.​' Ed Keller, 2021: --- 'The individual is the seat of a continual process of decantation-decantation from the vessel containing fluid of future time, sluggish, pale and monochrome-to the vessel containing the fluid of past time, agitated and multicolored by the phenomena of its hours.' Beckett ‘From such … Continue reading ‘…alternately Stone in you, and Star…’

Épistémologie des Bribes ∞ "Epistémologie des Bribes" - Dalie Giroux, 2021 Epistemology of Scraps 1) Scraps: a small, detached piece; fragments of discarded or leftover food. Figuratively: a fragment of something written or spoken, of a memory. The opposite of totality. In French, “bribes”: crusts of bread given to a beggar, superficial knowledge. Derived from “briba”: mischief, … Continue reading Épistémologie des Bribes