--- ∞ "Immersive Afterlives: Streaming Spectres H2.O in Hong Kong’s Online “Seameteries”" (pdf) - Marie Lecuyer, 2022 Abstract:This article is part ethnographic, part fiction, and seeks to sound out the under-water-digital-commons of resting places for the dead in Hong Kong. It traces the emergence of “seameteries” occurring within the archipelago’s saturated urban space, which involves … Continue reading Immersive Afterlives & SONOROUS ARCHIPELAGHOST

How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee

-- ∞ "How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee" (pdf) - Peter Szendy, 2022 Peter Szendy is David Herlihy Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature at Brown University and musicological advisor for the book series published by the Paris Philharmony. His work has focused on the archaeology of listening (Listen: A History of … Continue reading How Many Ears? or: The Place of the Listenee


-- ∞ "Reflections on the Failed Chilean Constitutional Convention" - Max Woods, October 2022 Chile has rejected a proposed constitution that reflected the demands of anti-neoliberal, feminist, decolonial, and environmentalist social movements of the past decades. Where do we go from here? Maxwell Woods is an Assistant Professor of Literature at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in … Continue reading ON THE FAILED CHILEAN CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION

So long Michael

-- ∞ "So Long Michael" - Elizabeth Perceval and Nicolas Klotz, 2022 The more time sculpts the face of a human, the more the eyes inhabit the caves in which the gaze withdraws and contemplates its exit into death, the more the core of the human is revealed as inhuman—the inhuman that precedes and … Continue reading So long Michael

Plumbing the Abyssal

-- ∞ “Plumbing the Abyssal: On (Vanta)Blackness + Descent” (pdf) - Cecilio M. Cooper (2022) Cecilio M. Cooper is a Faculty Fellow with New York University’s Department of Social & Cultural Analysis after serving as a Forsyth Postdoctoral Research Fellow with University of Michigan’s History of Art Department. Via black critical theory, their current research … Continue reading Plumbing the Abyssal