Breathing Exercise

--- ∞ Bonadventure Pencroff, "Breathing Exercise" (2018) --- --- --- Musicians: Alexandre Pierrepont (voice) Christophe Rocher (clarinet) Rob Mazurek (piccolo trumpet) Jeb Bishop (trombone) Frédéric Briet (bass) Nicolas Pointard (drums) Jeff Albert (trombone) --- Recorded in New Orleans, LA. on 27 April 2018 by Fionn Hunter-Green. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Albert.

The Body of the Poor

--- "The Body of the Poor" (pdf) - Giuseppe Cocco and Bruno Cava (2018) This text is part of the conclusions of New Neoliberalism and the Other. Biopower, Anthropophagy, and Living Money (Lexington, 2018). Giuseppe Cocco is professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology. He published MundoBraz: … Continue reading The Body of the Poor

two perspectives on colonial time

--- ∞ "Two Perspectives on Colonial Time" (pdf) - Alexis Pauline Gumbs (2018) Publisher's Weekly calls Alexis Pauline Gumbs's cross-genre Black feminist writing "groundbreaking" and indeed she has had a paradigm shifting impact on multiple fields introducing ideas of speculative documentary, Black feminist Breathing, experiential archives and Revolutionary Mothering into common parlance.  Alexis is the author … Continue reading two perspectives on colonial time

Can we overcome Modernity’s acosmia?

-- ∞ "Can We Overcome Modernity's Acosmia?" (pdf) - Augustin Berque, 2018 Translation: Drew S. Burk. Augustin Berque, born in 1942 in Morocco, a French geographer and orientalist, is a retired director of studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris, where he has been teaching from 1979 to 2017. A … Continue reading Can we overcome Modernity’s acosmia?

All you need is LOVE

--- ∞ "All You Need Is LOVE" (pdf) - Yves Citton, 2018 Yves Citton is professor of Literature and media at the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis. He previously taught at the University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA (1992-2003) and at the Université Grenoble Alpes (2003-2017). He is co-editor of the journal Multitudes. He recently published Contre-courants politiques (2018), Médiarchie(to be translated into English … Continue reading All you need is LOVE

Inner Canal Zones: Cine-District. October 15, 2075

-- ∞ "Inner Canal Zones: Cine-District. October 15, 2075" (pdf) - Drew S. Burk Drew S. Burk is a writer, editor, and translator of contemporary French thought. He was a founding member of Univocal Publishing, and is currently a consulting editor with University of Minnesota Press for the continuation of Univocal as a Series, … Continue reading Inner Canal Zones: Cine-District. October 15, 2075

Light against Light

--- ∞ "Light Against Light" (pdf) - Georges Didi-Huberman, 2018 (2014) Translation: Lia Swope Mitchell Born in 1953, Georges Didi-Huberman is philosopher and art historian, he teaches at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris). Curator of exhibitions such as L’Empreinte (Paris, 1997), Fables du lieu (Tourcoing, 2001), Atlas (Madrid-Karlsruhe-Hamburg, 2010-2011), Nouvelles histoires de … Continue reading Light against Light


--- --- What sacred games shall we have to invent?     - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science   THEORY/FICTION: Dan Mellamphy, "A lienOcene" Michel Cassé, "Dreaming in the Large Magellanic Cloud" Barbara Glowczewski, "Infra-Terrestrial Journey with the Aboriginal Spirits of the Earth" Augustin Berque, “Recosmicizing the Earth” Boyan Manchev, "Clouds. Onto-Meteorology and the Philosophical Fantastic" Drew … Continue reading STRATUM 2